Beyond Competence

Laura Copas


Strengthscope® Accreditation – a key tool, selected to help all our clients achieve excellence

After an analysis for a range of tools that could complement our services and approaches, we identified Strengthscope®, a BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited tool with a wealth of supporting evidence. We’ve recently become accredited as Strengthscope® Practitioners and have been impressed with the positive impact of the tool has had for the people we work with. Strengthscope® identifies strengths and in doing so enables people to understand how to use their strengths to build resilience, improve performance and equip them to deliver change under pressure. The tool highlights how focusing on strengths energises people and helps them to excel, with more positive conversations helping to build greater confidence to stretch into the next level of performance. We now realise how limiting conversations around weaknesses with people were and that the path to excellence is not through focussing on the things that drain your energy.

There are a range of different ways in which the tool can be used, either with individuals, teams or whole organisations.

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