Capturing Processes at the Speed of Conversation

Steve Sewell


We’re Skore Certified and it’s great news for everyone!

We love process mapping for lots of reasons. It's a great way to gather people into a room to explore and discover what others do, understand how they can generate greater value and most importantly collaborate to create something new. These are energising sessions with people generally leaving with more energy and hope in their hearts.

For us, we’re usually left with rolls of wallpaper and hundreds of scribbled post it notes and a mountain of work to turn these into the processes everyone thought they had agreed. Days later, after inputting all the information into software we then send it back to the group. A few more days go by and the requests to change or challenges come back, mainly due to misinterpretations made by us! So a week or two after the event when everyone has forgotten much of what was said, the final process comes through, ready for the next stage. Sadly, this means much of the energy and hope has dissipated and many trees have been sacrificed.

We’ve used a range of different software to capture the paper outputs and one we’ve used most recently has been Skore, as we’ve worked with one of the founders, Craig, in the past.

Recently, Craig suggested we try a different approach and book onto one of their certified courses, which we did. It completely changed our process mapping world and made us better value into the bargain. Turns out that understanding how and using Skore in the way it was designed to work, means that process mapping can be undertaken live on the software in front of a group of people, straight into the cloud. What’s more it captures and presents structured information that everyone can see and agree and have access to as soon as they leave. Shorter implementation cycle times, more energy and less recycle.

We’re now proud to be Skore certified, it means we can also leave process mapping sessions with energy and hope in our hearts, while providing better value to our clients.