Dragons Den

Steve Sewell


Creating energy & passion for change, and having some fun!

We wanted to tell you about the positive energy that resulted from a recent Dragon's Den event. It demonstrated the importance of engaging staff and how carefully engineered events can unleash energy even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Working with a challenged organisation to deliver a Leadership and Organisation Development programme, we held a large number of workshops and during these we gave time over for people to develop ideas. During the workshops we began to understand how a long established culture was preventing ideas from the front line from flourishing. Many participants were sceptical that the planned Dragon’s Den would ever happen. Unperturbed we encouraged and supported people to continue working on their ideas ready to present to the executive team in a Dragon’s Den

The date was set and all the executives committed the time. The aim was not for frontline managers to pitch for funding, rather to pitch for executive support, arguably more valuable. On the day everyone arrived for the event feeling anxious, not sure what would happen or if it would just be a waste of time. The schedule ran like clockwork and 4 hours later the place was buzzing. All the initiatives had been successful in securing an executive sponsor, the executives were mightily impressed with the ideas and passion of the presenters, and everyone left on a high. We were blown away by the energy from the whole day.

Post Dragon’s Den, people talk about the event in a positive manner and how each of the initiatives are now progressing. We’ve been surprised as to how the event has become an important symbol in organisation culture demonstrating the desire to act on ideas from the frontline. We look forward to the next one.