Exploring Culture Change with the Change Management Institute


3rd September 2020

We're pleased to be running one of the upcoming Change Management Institute events later this month.

We all experience culture, but it's difficult to describe. We're told that it "eats strategy for breakfast", so it must be important. It's omnipotent, all-consuming; it impacts everything all the time.

For change professionals, it's critical, however, culture isn't usually the focus of the changes you're working on, but it influences success. If what you need are ways to assess culture and have approaches that can influence it, this is the session for you.

In the session we'll be exploring:

• Exploring culture and why it's important;
• Learning how to understand culture; and
• How to take small steps to change culture.

The Change Management Institute is an important organisation for the future of the profession, acknowledging a range of capabilities that are key for the modern change professional. Join us in becoming a member. You'll also be able to attend our event and others for free, instead of the £25 cost for non-members.

If this whets your appetite, then book now at: https://www.change-management-institute.com/node/128031