Get Real Change at Project Academy


25th May 2022

We've spent an excellent couple of days at the University of Cumbria Project Academy Summer School exploring transformation and our approach to change with some very impressive students.

We've come back really energised and excited about the next generation of change leaders.

Over the last few days we've been in Lancaster at the University of Cumbria Project Academy Summer School with with almost 200 students. What an inspirational two days.

We ran four really busy workshops with students focused on transformation and how we approach this. Discussions and comments were really engaging and we felt we'd learned lots from the students just through their comments.

We also took part in the main session Question Time panel, with lots of really great questions that demonstrated the maturity and potential of this extremely engaged group of students.

We particularly enjoyed the buzz of students and staff meeting up, sometimes for the first time as most learning happens online.

If this is an indication of the next generation of project and change leaders, we're in good hands. Thanks to everyone who welcomed us and engaged in our sessions.

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