Strengthscope Master Accreditation

Laura Copas


We've achieved Strengthscope Master status. Focusing on strengths is important to us, and Strengthscope is a key part of our tool set.

Playing to strengths is a key part of performing at our best, whether as an individual or as part of a team or organisation. In a team sport, we wouldn’t focus on addressing the defensive flaws of our best attacker. We’d focus on improving what they’re best at. However, outside team sports, we often focus on the gap in our capabilities and ask people to focus on things which drain their energy.

Our approach to supporting organisations, teams and individuals is to ignite energy by focusing on strengths. To support us we use the suite of tools from Strengthscope. Whilst we’ve been accredited for a while, Laura has now been accredited as a Strengthscope Master in recognition of the width and depth of her understanding in using the tools and approach.

For more information about how we can help you ignite energy and improve performance using your strengths, contact Laura - or have a look at our blog Setting Sail