We've Revamped Our Website

Laura Copas


We’re excited to announce that we have revamped our website! You can now find more information about our services, examples of our work and what people say about working with us.

Our Services

We have defined four key areas where we can help organisations to make a real difference, and deliver positive change with lasting results. Our services are complimentary, designed to be delivered stand-alone or combined for maximum impact.

1. Partnership Development - accelerating effective partnership maturity to enable strategic change through people, leadership, relationships and trust
2. Getting Ready for Change – connecting people to make sense of what is, igniting the spark of what could be and unlocking the energy and commitment for what’s next
3. Building Change Capability - developing leaders and teams so that they can unleash their potential, build resilience and reach peak performance
4. Change and Transformation Consultancy - equipping organisations to generate outcomes with energy and pace

Read more about our services here.

Our Work

We have helped thousands of people create positive change, delivering sustainable results within some of the most complex and challenging environments. We’ve now published a number of case studies on our website. In addition to showcasing our work, these case studies contribute (along with our blog and newsletter) to our aim of sharing learning and experiences to help others in their own change efforts.


On our home page, we’ve published a number of testimonials from our clients including:

"We have surpassed even the highest expectations of what we thought was possible. The success has given us a national profile. Get Real Change shaped and helped create the energy for our partnership initiatives and as consequence many young people have access to life changing services."

Jeremy Walsh, Managing Director, South London Partnership

We’d love to hear what you think, and if there are any other updates that would benefit you - hello@getrealchange.co.uk.