Building Change Capability

Developing leaders and teams so that they can unlock their potential, build resilience and reach peak performance

Leadership Development

When asked to define Leadership Excellence, a group of people will likely come up with an array of qualities, strengths and skills of great leaders. All of those lists are true; yet it is also true that no one person can be all of those things, nor should anyone attempt to be. What is important, is the ability to make a positive difference and deliver outcomes. At the heart of great leadership is the skilful initiation and execution of change in a way that engages and empowers, often in a climate of high risk and high uncertainty.

Excellent leaders also recognise that within ever changing environments, approaches that have brought them success in the past may not work in a different context. They are able to adapt whilst continuing to be at their best, shaping an environment where people flourish.

Developing these capabilities happens through experience, and for this reason our leadership development work is embedded within the organisational environment. Our approach starts with helping you to identify you at your best, and sets in place plans to amplify your strengths and develop the key leadership skills of sharing vision, sparking engagement, skilfully executing and sustaining progress. We take a temperature check of the energy, performance, resilience, collaboration, stretch, wellbeing and degree of management support to those you lead. We then support you through a blend of coaching, mentoring, workshops and masterclasses to lead a key change initiative that plays to your strengths, develops the key leadership skills and shifts the dial on the levels of engagement.

Our approach sets you on the path beyond competence to excellence, enabling you to deliver meaningful outcomes whilst simultaneously improving your overall resilience and wellbeing.

Team Development

Team based working is still the foundation of the majority of organisations, with organisational effectiveness resting upon the agility and performance of teams and their leaders. Yet many teams can feel more like a collection of people who work together rather than a unified group. Many teams across the organisation end up working against one another in pursuit of competing goals and objectives. Instead, a true team is one that has shared objectives, where members work interdependently and where effectiveness is regularly reviewed.

Our approach to team development starts with helping team members to identify themselves at their best individually and as a team. We deliver team sessions to build and commit to a shared team vision, purpose and objectives. We work with the team to understand their current productive habits related to clarity, trust, accountability, change readiness and stretch. From here we support the team through a blend of coaching, mentoring, workshops and masterclasses to deliver team-based change initiatives aligned to the vision. The process enables members to play to their strengths, embed productive team habits and develop new behaviours including collective decision making, effective recognition and feedback and dealing with conflict.

Our approach develops teams that are happier, more energised and with greater levels of adaptability and engagement.

Change Practitioner Development

When embarking on a change effort, a methodology is often prescribed as the answer to effectively managing the process. This works well for planned, linear, predictable and complicated change such as building an aircraft. Yet when people are at the heart of change, which they most often are, the situation is much more complex. Attempting to rigorously apply these scientific solutions to people based problems ends up leaving people at best dis-engaged, and at worst burnt out and fearful. Whilst the ‘fight or flight/freeze’ effect of fear can create focus and immediate action, this state also shuts down our ability to be creative, to innovate and fosters mistrust.

Our approach helps practitioners to build the skills to foster psychological safety and gain commitment for change (rather than compliance) through meaningful engagement. We work with change practitioners to help to build their change framework, toolkit and confidence. Our approach starts with a focus on the 'how' of change. We use stories to share experiences of what works, what doesn’t and why, linking to relevant theories and evidence. We explore culture, environment and different types of change. Through coaching and mentoring, we help practitioners gather insights into what approaches will be most effective in different situations. We work with practitioners to explore their change toolkit, and grow confidence in using new and existing tools through practical experience. We work together to assimilate this new awareness into a change framework that is built on personal experience and evidence, and that can be used in many contexts and environments.

Our workshop sessions use the sum of the expertise of those in the room, empowering people to share their knowledge and experience. Our approach is practical and energising understanding that effective learning happens when people are able to experiment and collaborate in a safe, fun environment.

KEY Numbers


Improvement in overall work performance and results through strengths-based development


Improvement in confidence through identifying, and using strengths at work


Removal or reduction in limiting weaknesses through capitalising on strengths


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