Getting Ready for Change

Connecting people to make sense of what is, igniting the spark of what could be and unlocking the energy and commitment for what's next

Getting Ready for Change is a critical step in gaining a shared understanding of current reality, and in identifying where there is alignment, common motivation and opportunities for change. This work is an intervention in its own right with the consideration of what to look for, and how to look for it, ensuring that the work becomes a catalyst for the change process.

Our approach is to co-design a collaborative process to collect, analyse and feedback relevant information. We engage people from across the organisation to determine what is, what could be and ways to bridge the gap. Our work increases the connectivity between stakeholders so that diverse perspectives are understood, and ensures that people within the system start to make sense of the change together. This process of surfacing common ground and collective implementable solutions, builds commitment, energy, and direction. It also reduces anxiety through those who will need to change having greater control of the change agenda from the start rather than being a recipient of change at a later stage.

The process starts by meeting with key stakeholders within the organisation to define current issues, desired outcomes and to gain an understanding of the current culture and forces within the operating environment. Given this context, we gain agreement over the kind of data required to make informed choices, and the most effective ways to collect that data given the resources and time that you are able to commit. The diagnostic team is then formed within your organisation from those that are part of the change process, so as to ensure that the process of sense making happens by those who are critical to successful change. Data collection can range from reviewing existing documents and surveys to interviews and focus groups, workshops and culture mapping. Whether a stand alone offering, or part of a larger process, our approach will ensure that you have a clear picture of how to proceed with the change journey and a strong base for decisions about what to do next.

KEY Numbers


Of projects with effective change management that came in on or under budget


Of effective agile organisations integrate leadership programmes and align them with business priorities (EY, 2019)


Of CEOs have the leadership talent to execute their strategy (Global Leadership Forecast, 2018)


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