Change and Transformation Consultancy

Equipping organisations to generate outcomes with energy and pace

Every Transformation or Change Initiative is unique. Different cultures, perspectives, people and dynamics make selecting a successful approach challenging. What worked elsewhere is unlikely to work in a different context, and whilst there are many change methodologies that will help they aren't universal solutions. We believe that all methodologies have value in the right situation and so we draw from a wide range of methods and tools to match the approach to your challenge, increasing the chances of success.

This adaption of approach is at the heart of our core belief, 'How Change Happens Matters'. It matters for success, but also how people experience change, for employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

We have achieved results in some of the most complex change environments anywhere, mutli organisation public sector. Experiences that have driven significant learning and flexibility in approach, something our clients can benefit from.

Organisation Culture is critical to repeated success from Change Initiatives. This is why our approach has a strong focus on building change effective cultures as part of initiative execution. Three main components of our Change Framework seek to understand and then match and adapt culture; Desirable Vision, Change Strategy and Get Change Ready. Together these are designed to create the energy and dynamics in the culture that enables our change accelerator to be effective.

At the core of our approach is our well tested change accelerator, an iterative approach built around people, creating and utilisating their energy through focus, visual tools and learning.

We can provide a range of services to help Change Initiative success; advice and guidance, development of a desirable vision, change strategy design, culture change support and execution, initiative setup, initiative readiness reviews, external assurance and hands on support to aid generating the energy and pace needed for success.

KEY Numbers


Increase in successful change outcome when active and visible sponsorship is present


Increase in change results from engaging at all levels in an organisation

x 10

Ten times more change initiatives succeed in the best organisations than the worst


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