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We believe that Strategy is core to success and that effective strategy delivery is critical to organisation success, but it’s hard to do well (there’s lots of evidence to support this). 


At Get Real Change we bring together collective experiences over 30+ years of thinking, exploring and learning about delivery of Strategy through Projects, Programme and Change initiatives. From this experience we understand the challenges organisations face and when high value can be derived from external support. We have therefore developed a series of products and services designed to help increase the value of your change initiatives and activities and build the critical capabilities around effective Strategy.

Our approach redefines who is an expert and empowers people to share their expertise and lead change. We focus on 'how' to change and move away from top down models of teaching and delivery, to a specialist deployed to define the change and then support those locally in leading and making it happen in practice. 


Contact with us at or to arrange a conversation as to how we can help you.

assessments & Diagnostics


With a focus on 'how' change will happen, we use our assessment framework and work with you to understand and make recommendations to build the Change capability of:

  • The Organisation

  • Teams

  • Individuals


We work with you to undertake Health Checks related to specific Projects, Programmes and Change initiatives with clear recommendations for actions to increase success




It can feel lonely out there, so we are building a Community of Project and Change experts where advice, guidance, peer to peer learning and support can be gained from our:

  • Online Forum

  • Change Conversations


We work with Individuals and Organisations to develop their Change Toolkit through:

  • Training and Development Events

  • Mentoring 

  • Bespoke Training and Development


support packages

Change framework & toolkit

We can help you further through delivering key elements from our Change Framework and Change Toolkit matched to your need with specific packages including:

  • Lessons Learned Package

  • Workshop Development Package

  • Change Leadership Development

  • SRO Mentoring

  • Bespoke Delivery Support

Full delivery


We work with you throughout the Change Lifecycle and build your Change Framework and Change Toolkit matched to your environment. 

We train, coach and mentor individuals, teams and leaders building their ability and confidence in using new and existing Change tools and in determining the right tool for the job in hand. We focus on learning by doing and starting with what you already have and building change iteratively with rapid testing and prototyping.


Our approach builds Trust and relationships and we ensure that we leave you with sustainability and a foundation for continuous improvement. 

Whether you have questions, feedback or ideas and topics that you'd like to hear more about; We would love to hear from you.
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