We create alignment between values, behaviours, systems and practices, closing the gap between intentions and aspirations.   

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The latest news of what's going on in our world, what we're working on and more. 

Serious about Social Value

At Get Real Change we focus on creating social value in all our assignments and in the volunteer work we do. Hear about an appointment that secures a longer term comitment to volunteering.

8th December 2020

Our latest Update - Change and Technology

This month we explore technology and its relationship with change.

25th September 2020

Get Real Change featured on Cloudbusting Podcast

The latest episode of the Cloudbusting Podcast features our very own Laura Copas; ‘Compliance or Commitment? Guiding your team through complex change.’

11th September 2020

Exploring Culture Change with the Change Management Institute

We're pleased to be running one of the upcoming Change Management Institute events later this month.

3rd September 2020

Action to improve Mental Health

We've taken action to improve our knowledge of Mental Health and equip ourselves with the tools to help others and provide Mental Health First Aid. Mental Health often features in our work with clients, and we felt it was time for us to do something positive.

29th July 2020

Enterprise Coaching for Agility

Learning to tease out polarities masquerading as problems, create clarity whilst embracing complexity, and innovative ways to ensure that all of those that are part of the change are part of the process.


We've Revamped Our Website

We’re excited to announce that we have revamped our website! You can now find more information about our services, examples of our work and what people say about working with us.


Our Latest Update - Agility and Pace

Today's update focused on Agility and Pace covering; creating a staff volunteer army, unlocking the right environment for rapid change, and meetings, the keyhole on organisation culture.


Strengthscope Master Accreditation

We've achieved Strengthscope Master status. Focusing on strengths is important to us, and Strengthscope is a key part of our tool set.


Capturing Processes at the Speed of Conversation

We’re Skore Certified and it’s great news for everyone!


Beyond Competence

Strengthscope® Accreditation – a key tool, selected to help all our clients achieve excellence


Dragons Den

Creating energy & passion for change, and having some fun!


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