Partnership Development

Accelerating effective partnership maturity to enable strategic change through people, leadership, relationships and trust.

Strategic Partnerships are often the most effective way to gain access to key capabilities, new ideas, innovations or achieve highly desirable mutual benefits. But effective partnerships are can be frustrating and exhausting endeavours, but when they work they provide significant value.

At Get Real Change we have lots of public sector multi organisation partnership experience. We’ve explored and developed an approach that builds effective partnerships built on 4 components; Aligned Leadership, Integrated Activities, Mutual Benefits and New Normal. We’ve built packages to support these, including a toolset and Partnership Maturity Assessment.

We can help organisations understand how their partnerships are maturing and provide advice on culture, behaviours and activities to make them more effective. We can also support and advise on partnership development, bringing an independent view, an essential cog particularly in the early stages of development.

KEY Numbers


Percentage of CEOs saying Partnerships are Critical to their Organsation (PWC)


Partnership Success Rate (ASAP)


Of organisations seek partnerships to generate New Ideas, Insights and Innovations. The most common reason for establishing Partnerships (Powerlinx)


Partnership Development Workshop
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Aligning Activity
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Mutual Benefit
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Effective Partnership Builder
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