• Steve

Crisis and the New Normal

Updated: May 18, 2020

The current crisis is one like we’ve never seen before. Every day people are doing extraordinary things to relieve the suffering of others. In doing so they are changing, adapting and breaking their routines, something they would have found really difficult in normal circumstances.

This is happening because we understand the perils of not changing, have a collective ambition to defeat this virus and get back to normal, and have been given really simple steps to take.

The desire to tackle the impact of this virus is so strong that many positives have emerged and layers of rules and bureaucracy are being ignored, as they get in the way of the pace required. Decisions are being taken based on intuition, followed by adaptions, replacing the usual analysis and rational based approaches. People are reaching out to others in ways they wouldn’t normally do, millions are working from home, reducing pollution, many are volunteering to support the vulnerable, and our new hero is a 100 year old former Army Captain. Is this our new normal?

Our experience and research of crisis situations highlights that following a crisis, when the impetus changes, many go back to what’s easiest and habitual.