Stop training our project managers to be process junkies!

Updated: May 10, 2020

In the past we've been guilty of this, we’ve probably sent dozens of individuals to become process junkies, on either PRINCE2, MSP or similar certification courses, only to reinforce a way of working that slows progress down.

We still see PRINCE2, MSP and similar certifications quoted  in job descriptions as being evidence that someone is a capable project or programme manager. How many of the people that added these to job descriptions know how poor the educational experience of these courses are?  They are a week long, with the first half of the week focused on learning a book in a parrot fashion manner, with the second half of the week learning exam question techniques. Essentially, the learning is what do you need to regurgitate the books in order to pass an exam, rather than the practical use of the methodology. Sadly, these one week courses have spawned a set of professionals that are over zealous on process, and who have stopped thinking about what they're really trying to do, in order to follow a methodology. Ten years ago, this might have been us, we knew no better, because someone