• Steve

Rapid Change in Morecambe Bay

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We all want rapid change so we can meet the ever-changing demands and aspirations.

Increasingly, we find Senior Managers in all sectors want results quickly; they are under pressure to do more, faster and with less. Frustrations run high when the pace and outcomes of changes don’t meet these expectations, often leading to behaviours or decisions that slow the pace or reduce results further. There is a general belief that this is much more difficult in the Public Sector, but we don’t know of evidence that proves this hypothesis. We do, however, understand that the features of organisational agility work in the Public Sector and elsewhere.

We thought, to illustrate what’s possible in the Public Sector, we’d tell the story of our very first Sprint and examine why it was so successful.

It all starts in a Lecture theatre near Swindon! Boeing staff are presenting and outlining their approach to agile planning. It’s impressive, energising and looks like it may help with some of the frustrations with existing methods. Of particular interest, was a technique known as a Sprint.

We’d just started working with Maternity services at Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust, who had a pressing need to show progress against a set of regulator warnings. With our new-found knowledge, we thought using the Spr