We help organisations make a real difference, creating 

change in a way that empowers and excites.



At Get Real Change, we help leaders, teams, and organisations unlock their potential and build the capability to grow, develop and transform. We bring a unique combination of skills with an approach that empowers and excites, delivering results that last. 

We are not just passionate about change, but we are also passionate about helping you to build the capability to sustain and effectively deliver your own change efforts. We ensure that your organisation not only delivers results that last, but that leaders at every level are empowered.

A focus on people and results are at our core. We combine applied behavioural science with agile, programme and change methods and tools to deliver change, adapting the approach to your unique culture and environment. 

Our approach is highly engaging, bringing people together to imagine new futures and create new possibilities. We take a big picture view connecting people together across the organisation to improve the system with consideration of the interplay between behaviours, processes and practices. 




Getting Ready for Change is a critical step in gaining a shared understanding of current reality and in identifying where there is alignment and opportunities for change. When done well this process becomes a catalyst for the change journey increasing energy, motivation and commitment from those critical to a successful change.

Whether a stand alone offering, or part of a larger process, our approach will ensure that you have a clear picture of how to proceed, a strong base for decisions and collective commitment to implementable solutions. 


Our Leadership and Team Development approach is embedded within the organisational environment enabling development through experience, reflection and feedback. We support delivery of a live change initiative through a blend of coaching, mentoring, masterclasses and workshops using a strengths based approach to move beyond competence, to leadership excellence. 


Our work builds leadership skills in sharing vision, sparking engagement, skilfully executing and sustaining progress. We build team habits around clarity, trust, accountability, change readiness and stretch. 

Our approach enablers greater performance alongside greater happiness, more energy and greater levels of adaptability and engagement.


Effective Change and Transformation is tricky as every Change Initiative or Project sits in a unique environment. To reflect this, our Change Framework adapts to provide a bespoke approach drawn from the wide range of change and project management methodologies.

Using our Change Framework we work with clients to create the conditions that generate energy and pace. We do this by supporting the development of a desirable vision and putting in place cultural features that enable our core Change Accelerator to start delivering outcomes quickly.


Partnerships are an important part of modern organisations, but effective partnerships are difficult. Our strong partnership experience means we are uniquely placed to advise and support partnerships to mature and become strategic assets.

Our Get Real Partnership approach can then be coupled with our Change Framework to enable effective partnership change.




As an organisation we’ve struggled for many years with our performance, patient safety and finances. The culture reinforced negative leadership styles and behaviours. We engaged Get Real Change to help leaders and managers across the organisation begin to understand and respond to our challenges, explore our organisational values and reflect who we want to be as an organisation. They mapped our culture, encouraged and empowered our leaders and managers to understand it and see why and what we needed to change. They’ve started something big. Behaviours and conversations are changing. Get Real Change have made a real difference, and have been an important part of our journey.  

Dorothy Hosein, NHS Ambulance Trust CEO