Recognise and Create the conditions for change.


Hello and welcome to Get Real Change

Get Real Change brings a unique combination of consultancy, training and coaching with a network of like-minded experts who are not just passionate about change, but are also passionate about building the capability within organisations to effectively deliver their own change efforts. We ensure that your organisation not only gets results that last, but that leaders at every level are empowered.


We work with you to develop your organisational capabilities to enable the evolution from reacting to change, through effectively responding to and managing change, to proactively creating and leading change.


A focus on people and results are at our core. We combine Agile Programme, Project and Change Management methods and tools to deliver change and adapt the approach depending on your unique culture and environment.


How change happens, matters. We will support you ensure your changes matter with tried and tested tools and techniques to help overcome the socio-political complexities that leave employees resistant and managers unsupportive of change.


We work with you to focus all of our collective energies on actions that will get us to the real change, with results early and often rather than leaving you feeling paralysed in over analysis.


— NHS Programme Manager

“The team are now going to run their own SPRINT... the magic is happening.”

Whether you have questions, feedback or ideas and topics that you'd like to hear more about; We would love to hear from you.
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